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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Coworking

The rise of the startup culture and the flexibility that technology affords has led to a lot of changes in what we consider “going to work.” Remote collaboration allows us to interact daily with colleagues across town or across the country, no matter where we are. Consulting and freelance work mean that many of us have no set workplace to check in with every day, and this has its pros and cons.

The commercial office industry has responded to the situation by creating new ways to accommodate such varied workplace needs. There are a number of solutions, including virtual collaboration. In many cases, young companies begin this way, and as they grow the need develops for a physical space, often before the company’s budget can manage one through more conventional routes.  

These small businesses need flexible space, but they’re not established enough to commit to a lease with a 3 to 5 year term. One popular way to address this has been coworking. This approach allows companies or individuals to rent shared office space on a month-to-month basis. It puts people from different organizations as well as individuals in a shared space.

Coworking can be a useful way to transition from working at home or online to leasing a dedicated commercial space. But it’s just one of the options, and there are several things to consider in deciding if it’s right for your organization –and if so, for how long.

Here are 5 characteristics of coworking spaces that may help with that decision.

#1: Too Loud for Calls?

Shared space brings together a wide range of styles and priorities, some of which will not match yours. It can be difficult to predict what those around you will be doing when you need to make a call.

#2: Networking

Especially if your fellow coworkers are working in the same field as you, you’re likely to meet some potential partners and clients in the space, and get some good industry information in conversations around the office.

#3: Lack of Uninterrupted Work Time

It’s common to find difficulty in being able to do long stretches of focused work in a coworking space.

#4: Flexibility

Month to month rental gives you freedom in planning your next move, but coworking spaces will often require you to move to a different location when you grow, meaning your office won’t feel like a permanent place to make your own.

#5: Changing Occupants

In a coworking space, the people around you are always changing. You may not know many of the people you see at work, and this changes the dynamic a bit. People are often less considerate when they aren’t actual colleagues in the workplace.

But only to a certain point

Most companies find that coworking only works up to a certain point. Once a firm begins to grow they want to focus on building their own company culture. Coworking puts you in an ever-changing environment as tenants come and go, which can make this difficult.

With office sharing, you can choose the office atmosphere that is right for you, and have a more customizable space. If the wide-open office space is not what you need, you can have a private office. Office sharing lets you create a home for your business without the high cost of leasing –and with the money you save you can hire the kind of employees you need to grow your business.

Investigate the next level of office sharing with PivotDesk. We can help you maintain flexibility and scalability, and get you into an office space to call your own, minus the long-term commitment of a traditional lease.

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