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6 On-the-Go Tips for Staying Connected On the Road

Whether we’re on the go for business or traveling for fun, most of us still need to stay connected to some extent. Unplugging entirely can be a healthy thing from time to time, but for most professionals, it’s good to be able to keep an eye on things when we’re away from the office — especially for those who travel for work. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of devices and apps that make staying connected from just about anywhere a snap. With a little planning, even international travel won’t prevent you from staying in touch and in the loop. Here are some of our favorite ideas for staying connected on the road.

#1: Find the Free Wi-Fi


Remember, you can connect for free at many airports and cafes. Use the free app, OpenSignal to find places that offer strong Wi-Fi and cell signals. 

#2: Utilize Mobile Hotspots


Travelers who have smartphones with 3G and higher connections can tether their phones to their laptops or tablets via USB and access the Internet, turning their cell phones into hotspots. 

Standalone hotspots are also available. A good example is Karma, for Apple or Android systems. Karma can provide internet access for up to 8 devices.

#3: Consider Wi-Fi Extenders


Another way to get online when you’re on the go is through the use of a marine Wi-Fi extender. This is an antenna that amplifies Wi-Fi signals and can be very useful in rural areas. These often claim a range of 7 to10 miles, but they were designed for use by boats, which have an unobstructed line to the Wi-Fi source on shore. The range is typically more limited on land.

Pricing ranges widely on these devices, and is dependent on their range and power. You can find several versions for under $100. Depending on your needs, this might be a great solution for ensuring access when you travel.

#4: Check Out Shared Office Spaces


If carrying around one more gadget just isn’t in the cards for you, there are plenty of other options. One popular idea is to pay for coworking or shared office space. There you have fast Wi-Fi as well as access to office supplies and other equipment. You can make the most of your time, get connected, and get sh*t done.

There are hundreds of coworking and shared spaces in the U.S., and they are also quite numerous in Mexico and many countries in Central and South America.

#5: Conference on the Go


If that team meeting just can’t go on without you, take advantage of mobile conferencing options. Skype lets you have free video chats; Google hangouts and WebEx Meeting Center are other great free options.

What are your favorite tips for staying connected on the go?  

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