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Behind the Walls: Cleanly CEO, Tom Harari

A PivotDesk series that goes inside the minds and the offices of business leaders who are redefining agile business operations.

Part 2: Cleanly CEO and PivotDesk Host, Tom Harari  – Join us as we dive deep with Tom on being a CEO, leading a team and how he handles attacking a highly competitive space (on-demand dry cleaning and laundry).

The Cleanly Story

Like many entrepreneurs, Tom experienced a pain personally and set out to put a solution in place. Hear what Tom has to say about his process.

Building a team

Cleanly is unique in that both founders are originally from Israel. Given their wide range of international connections, they’ve built a unique team across the Atlantic. Hear about how their team came together.


Cleanly believes in the motto ‘Hire slow fire fast’ – but he also understand how painful that process can be. Hear Tom’s advice on how he narrows applicants down to identify the right people or his team.

The new Cleanly office

After plenty of time spent working out of coffee shops and building lobbies to get Cleanly off the ground, Tom set out to set up an official home for the team. He landed in an incredible space in NoMad where his team feels even more motivated to tackle the challenges associated with growing the business.

Keeping the team motivated

High ceilings and great lighting improves the morale in the office on a daily basis. Fresh coffee and a comfortable office keep the team on track and burning the midnight oil. Hear how Tom leverages his new space to keep his team on track.

One core philosophy

Tom told us that extreme ownership is key. Each team member needs to own their successes and failures. Find out where the philosophy came from below.


Want to really get Behind the Walls of Cleanly? Click here for inside look at their office:




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