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Mathieu Nouzareth, Founder & CEO at FreshPlanet on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 in Mama Shelter hotel, Paris, France. Photographer: Andrew Kovalev, for Management magazine

Behind the Walls: FreshPlanet CEO, Mathieu Nouzareth

Behind the Walls

A PivotDesk series that goes inside the minds and the offices of business leaders who are redefining the modern workforce.

Part 1: FreshPlanet CEO and PivotDesk Host, Mathieu Nouzareth

Join us as we dive deep with Mathieu on being a CEO, a Father, a Parisian and what it takes to lead his team as they take the social gaming craze by storm.

Interview Highlights:

Paris v. New York

Having been born and raised in Paris, Mathieu highlights some of his favorite aspects of Paris and his perspective since moving to the states.

>> 1:00 Mathieu’s appreciation of Paris after years as a New Yorker

>>  2:25 See why Mathieu made a conscious choice to raise his children in the US instead of Paris

The relationship between being a CEO and a father

Mathieu has experienced extreme highs and lows in his time as a CEO. A lot of those emotions translate into fears of supporting a family and staying grounded as a parent while being completely unsure of the future of his business. His focus of teamwork and community are similar in his business and within his family.

>> 5:10 Mathieu discusses shifting his focus when it comes to his team, his family and his ego

>> 6:50 Hear Mathieu express some honest feelings of failure

Company culture and the office

Initially when the company took off, Mathieu found himself and his team cramped in a small office in time square. As the business took off, the team needed space to grow — and this time around, Mathieu would help the team take a completely new approach to their work space.

FreshPlanet hired an architect to ensure their office would properly represent their company. From the very beginning they made the decision to rent a space with space to grow into. To cover costs, the team decided to build out a section of the office that would be reserved for office sharing.

>> 10:00 Mathieu takes us through his thoughts on developing the new office and what it takes to turn a massive investment like office space into a positive return.

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