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3 Key Ways Office Sharing Differs from Coworking

by Nell Gable in Coworking, Office Sharing
23 Jun 2020

The way we work has been in transition since Web 2.0 got its start. Independent and entrepreneurial ventures are more common, and even more traditional businesses like design and CPA firms are realizing the need for flexibility in commercial real estate spaces. In turn, the market is delivering on that need for alternatives to traditional […]

To Hot or Not to Hot (Desk)

by Richard in Coworking
14 Aug 2019

A Guide to Coworking Hot or Flex Desks, and Fixed Desks Working from home is the siren song of the modern worker. As freelancing and flex hours and telecommuting, and who knows what else continue to become the new way of the business world, more and more of us have set up shop at the kitchen table. Or […]

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This Week: Top Office Spaces in NYC

by Sasha Veytsman in Coworking, Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
14 Sep 2016

With office sharing on the rise, we’re seeing many companies shift with the movement and offer to share their space. Here are some of the top NYC offices this week! Neighborhood: SoHo Host: Flavorpill The Office: Flavorpill knows what they’re doing when it comes to office decor. With a perfect mix of trendy and comfortable, […]

Coworking Office with Young Entrepreneurs
Why Is Coworking So Popular?

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Coworking
13 Sep 2016

“Lets grab a beer before we leave, just give me twenty minutes to finish this up and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” I remember saying different variants of that while I was at a WeWork in Manhattan a few months ago, and it’s something that often comes to mind when I think of coworking—a […]

4 Tips for Being Respectful of Shared Office Space

by Nell Gable in Coworking, Office Sharing
24 Dec 2015

One of the great things about being at work is that you’re around people that you probably wouldn’t encounter otherwise. Your co-workers no doubt come from a wide variety of backgrounds and display every personality type in the book. This is usually a very good thing, and we grow by learning to become friends and […]

Coworking Office with Young Entrepreneurs
5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Coworking

by Nell Gable in Coworking
19 Nov 2015

The rise of the startup culture and the flexibility that technology affords has led to a lot of changes in what we consider “going to work.” Remote collaboration allows us to interact daily with colleagues across town or across the country, no matter where we are. Consulting and freelance work mean that many of us have […]

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How to know if coworking is right for your business

by Nell Gable in Coworking
20 Oct 2015

The shared office space model is exploding. The good news is – you have a host of options. The bad news is – with trendy new solutions cropping up every day, it can be difficult to figure out what type of shared office space will work best for your business. Coworking is one of the newest trends […]

From coworking to office sharing: How IRIS.TV made the jump with agility in mind

by Nell Gable in Coworking, Office Sharing
15 Oct 2015

An LA-Based company, with a growing presence in NYC, IRIS.TV needed office space that could grow when they did—and getting locked in to a 5-10 year lease simply didn’t fit into their agile business model. So, COO, Richie Hyden was tasked with finding flexible office space after his NY team outgrew one WeWork location and then […]

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How to know when it’s time to “graduate” from coworking

by Nell Gable in Coworking
24 Sep 2015

Does this sound like you? You’re part of an up-and-coming company in the midst of building out a great product or service. The team has set up shop in an awesome coworking like WeWork or Green Desk, to jump start the business and take advantage of the great networking and collaborative benefits that come with rubbing […]