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Do your research: 16 Commercial real estate terms you should know before signing on the dotted line [2020 edition]

by Nell Gable in Leasing
22 Jun 2020

Securing NYC office space can be challenging, especially if you’re in a time crunch and not sure how to navigate the commercial real estate market. We get it…it’s an intimidating industry—and the fact is that residential real estate experience doesn’t prepare you for dealing with commercial real estate. That’s why we believe  the smartest buyer is also […]

How to Make Your Office Listing Stand Out

by Richard in All Categories, Leasing
18 Jul 2019

Woo hoo! You’re accepting guests! Did you just finish posting your listing, or has it been up for a while? Either way, you probably want to make sure that you’ve done everything possible to make your offering stand out. Well, we’re here to help with three tips to increase your chances of finding your ideal […]

Millennials Are Shaping Offices And Real Estate Nationwide Through Tech Markets

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Leasing
23 Aug 2016

Want to learn more about what makes millennials tick? Check out our webinar, co-hosted by TriNet. Tech markets are thriving all over the country, everywhere from Silicon Valley to lesser known havens like Charlotte, NC, Houston, TX, and Madison, WI. Millennials are the driving force behind much of this growth, and their preferences in both […]

Coworking Office with Young Entrepreneurs
Office Space Design Trends That Are Killing It [2019 Edition]

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Leasing, Office Hacks
11 Aug 2016

Updated January 2019 We all know offices are moving away from the cubicle-plus-corner-office style of the late 1960’s-on towards greater openness, but that change is coming in many forms. Before deciding which office design is right for your firm, it’s helpful to take the pulse of the current market and see which designs are flourishing. […]

5 Common Problems With Traditional Office Leases

by Ben Mazzara in Leasing
02 Aug 2016

For well-established businesses with a solid, predictable growth plan and enough capital to sustain any mishap or expense, the standard commercial lease can not only offer tax benefits and fixed rental rates, but the autonomy to customize a workspace to fit the exact image you want. In other words, signing a standard lease agreement is a huge […]

Copy of Entrepreneur Essentials (1)
[VIDEO] The Office Space Search: Everything You Need to Know

by Team PivotDesk in Leasing, Office Hacks, We Are PivotDesk
14 Jul 2016

We partnered with Uncubed to bring you Entrepreneur Essentials, a 3-part series on the challenges ALL entrepreneurs face when starting a business: 1. How to pitch 2. Hiring and firing 3. Office space PivotDesk CEO and Co-Founder, David Mandell has seen it all throughout his career as a serial startup founder and Techstars mentor. Through […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Open Office Floor Plan

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Leasing, Office Hacks
12 Jul 2016

The open-office floor plan is everywhere these days, but you probably already know that. According to International Facility Management, 70% of American employees spend their working lives in open floor plan offices. But that doesn’t mean everybody loves them—the open office has drawn considerable criticism over the last few years. Despite that criticism the open […]

Three Young Women Taking Smartphone Selfie at Rooftop Bar
Millennials In The Workplace: Here Are 5 Office Space Trends They’ve Inspired

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Leasing
21 Jun 2016

It’s hard for millennials to not have an impact on everything they touch—they account for over one quarter of the American population and are the largest generation in the workforce. Their fingertips are all over the modern office. From flexible office space services like PivotDesk and WeWork to ping-pong tables and collaborative spaces, here are five workplace trends inspired […]

US dollars in closeup, selective focus
It’s not JUST about saving money on office rent. What PivotDesk customers are teaching us about the need for flexibility.

by Nell Gable in Leasing, Office Sharing
03 Jun 2016

Office sharing has become increasingly popular among businesses of all stages and sizes for good reason: it allows you to house  your business in a professional setting for less, without the commitment and fees associated with a commercial lease. More and more entrepreneurs are becoming hesitant to commit to 3 to 5 years in a […]

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.21.51 PM
The Future of Work (Space)

by Team PivotDesk in Leasing, We Are PivotDesk
09 May 2016

We’ve been hearing for a long time that the office as we know it, is dead. With the rise of mobility technology that allows us to work anywhere we can get a wifi signal, who wants be tied to a stuffy office space? As a result, our mobile workforce is undoubtedly on the rise. Yet, how can we […]

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