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As Demand for Shared Office Space Grows, Host Companies Are Reaping the Benefits

by Nell Gable in Leasing, Office Sharing
04 Apr 2016

Updated January, 2019 Office sharing is on the rise, especially in locations like NYC and San Francisco where the cost of commercial real estate remains astronomically high, in large part due to demand driven by startups and other SMB’s scrambling for office space. Since starting PivotDesk in 2012, we’ve helped companies in NYC save $3.3 million […]

PivotDesk Event Q&A: Experts Weigh in on the Commercial Real Estate Conundrum

by Team PivotDesk in Leasing, We Are PivotDesk
09 Mar 2016

Soon after launching Been There, Done That, we heard from many of you that you wanted more — more coaching, more resources, and more access to the network of entrepreneurs PivotDesk has built. So, we started to host events designed to give you just that…more! Rather than limit the benefits of these events to attendees […]

Move Over DUMBO! These Brooklyn Neighborhoods Are the New It-Locations for Businesses

by Team PivotDesk in Leasing
08 Mar 2016

Office sharing got its start as a smart alternative to the traditional way of finding an office. Initially, the concept was adopted by flexible business owners willing to look at office space in a new way, but in the past 4 years, since PivotDesk got its start, the trend has exploded and we’ve seen businesses […]

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Find out What Our Most In-Demand Offices of 2015 Had in Common…

by Nell Gable in Leasing
16 Feb 2016

2015 was a great year for office sharing. More and more businesses began to see the beauty of being able to avoid the long-term commitment of a commercial lease while they focused on growing their company. Over the past year, we’ve seen all sorts of businesses embracing alternatives to the traditional cubicle-filled office like office-sharing and remote […]

Trend Alert: Midtown Manhattan Is on the Rise as Companies Mature out of the Flatiron District

by Nell Gable in Leasing
04 Feb 2016

The fact that the term “tech startup” is familiar to virtually anyone who lives above ground demonstrates that this type of company has been around for a bit — in fact, the tech bubble appears to be on the verge of deflating. Still, the tech industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors in […]

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Post Webinar Wrap-Up: Your Toughest Real Estate Questions Answered

by David Mandell in Leasing, We Are PivotDesk
29 Jan 2016

Our live webinar on the secrets to leasing office space may have wrapped, but the questions continue to roll in. Why? Because the commercial real estate system is tough and MOST of us aren’t properly equipped to go through the process of finding space, then negotiating and signing a lease on our own. On the […]

From TheSquareFoot: 4 Problems with the Traditional Office Search, and How to Solve Them

by David Mandell in Leasing
21 Jan 2016

Commercial real estate is an outdated industry to say the least. Take a look at this article from the Harvard Business Review for example, it was written nearly 30 years ago and STILL applies today… It’s nuts! Everything we rely on in business seems to evolve with us. The birth of SaaS, for example, afforded us […]

4 Common Office Leasing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

by Nell Gable in Leasing, Office Hacks
05 Jan 2016

Signing a commercial lease can be a huge step in the life of your business. While it’s usually a positive step, reflecting growth and optimism, it’s also one that should be undertaken with your eyes wide open and plenty of due diligence. Finding an ideal office space can be very time-consuming, and it can be […]

Brooklyn Bridge in falling snow
Time to Move? Here Are Our Tips for Finding a Commercial Office Space…Even During the Holidays

by Nell Gable in Leasing
29 Dec 2015

Even if you could devote all your time to an office search, it can take months to find the right property at the right price. First and foremost, we recommend adjusting your mindset — we’ve created a cheat sheet to help you do just that. Still, no matter how mentally prepared you might be, anyone who’s […]

Don’t Sign a Commercial Office Lease Before Reading This!

by Nell Gable in Leasing
17 Dec 2015

If you’re considering leasing office space—first of all: congratulations. Your business is growing and you’re ready to figure out the next step in terms of space and work environment. Secondly: be aware of the complexities of commercial leases and what they can mean for you. It’s critical to understand some basic aspects of commercial leases […]

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