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Creating Your Office Seating Plan

by Richard in Office Hacks
31 Jul 2019

Running a successful business involves countless factors that must be taken into account in order to maximize company resources and employee productivity. Benefits, flexible work hours, amenities, salaries, these and many other factors are essential considerations in setting the stage for long-term success. But one of the most important parts of setting that stage is […]

Photo of an office space for rent in Boston, MA
Interior Designers’ Tips to Creating a Beautiful, Functional Office

by DecorAid in Office Hacks
19 Mar 2019

When it comes to workplaces, who doesn’t want to work in a smartly designed, stylish one? But how you get there, whether you work from home or in a commercial space, can be just as challenging as finding the right space to work in. To help you figure out the best design process for your […]

Corporate Events That Drive Productivity and Improve Morale

by Team PivotDesk in Office Hacks
16 Mar 2019

Most businesses recognize the importance of having a sense of community in the workplace. In terms of productivity, a work environment that promotes bonding and collaboration is usually more efficient in achieving its goals. Why? In short, there is a significant body of research telling us that employees who feel connected to others at work […]

Group of young professional business people students working on technology listening to music studying
Winter is coming (faster than you think!) Here are a few of our favorite tricks for staying warm this winter

by Marika Dasbach in Office Hacks
27 Sep 2016

The nights are slowly getting cooler, the air feels clean and crisp instead of heavy and hot, there’s no denying that winter is coming (unless you live somewhere that’s always warm, in which case we are jealous!). And while that makes some of us jump for joy, dig sweaters out of our closets and run […]

Coworking Office with Young Entrepreneurs
Office Space Design Trends That Are Killing It [2019 Edition]

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Leasing, Office Hacks
11 Aug 2016

Updated January 2019 We all know offices are moving away from the cubicle-plus-corner-office style of the late 1960’s-on towards greater openness, but that change is coming in many forms. Before deciding which office design is right for your firm, it’s helpful to take the pulse of the current market and see which designs are flourishing. […]

6 On-the-Go Tips for Staying Connected On the Road

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
09 Aug 2016

Whether we’re on the go for business or traveling for fun, most of us still need to stay connected to some extent. Unplugging entirely can be a healthy thing from time to time, but for most professionals, it’s good to be able to keep an eye on things when we’re away from the office — […]

The Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Setting Up an Office

by Nell Gable in Entrepreneurship, Office Hacks
19 Jul 2016

Setting up an office is an exciting step for any business. No matter how many articles we read about the rise of the mobile workforce and the death of the office, there’s no denying the importance of establishing a home base for your team. Unfortunately, amidst all of the excitement surrounding the search for office […]

Copy of Entrepreneur Essentials (1)
[VIDEO] The Office Space Search: Everything You Need to Know

by Team PivotDesk in Leasing, Office Hacks, We Are PivotDesk
14 Jul 2016

We partnered with Uncubed to bring you Entrepreneur Essentials, a 3-part series on the challenges ALL entrepreneurs face when starting a business: 1. How to pitch 2. Hiring and firing 3. Office space PivotDesk CEO and Co-Founder, David Mandell has seen it all throughout his career as a serial startup founder and Techstars mentor. Through […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Open Office Floor Plan

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Leasing, Office Hacks
12 Jul 2016

The open-office floor plan is everywhere these days, but you probably already know that. According to International Facility Management, 70% of American employees spend their working lives in open floor plan offices. But that doesn’t mean everybody loves them—the open office has drawn considerable criticism over the last few years. Despite that criticism the open […]

Conquer Spring Office Cleaning With These 5 Easy Tips

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
26 May 2016

For many of us, spring is a good time to step back and shake off the stale air of winter in the workplace. Nature clears the old to make way for new growth, and so can we. Even if your habits are less than tidy, there are some easy steps you can take to clean […]

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