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5 Keys to Planning Ahead For a Successful Office Move

by Elijah White in Office Hacks
17 May 2016

This post is brought to you by Elijah White, Marketing Director at Olympic Moving & Storage. No one chooses to move their office out of sheer boredom. Relocating is no small task and it can become very challenging depending on the dynamics of your company. One thing all office moves have in common is the fact that, […]

Soccer players giving encouragement themselves before a soccer m
6 Must-Plan Office Activities to Build Camaraderie

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
11 May 2016

One of the benefits of office sharing is the opportunity it provides for interaction and networking with neighbors whom you might not normally encounter. Finding a suitable space is just one aspect of creating a stimulating workplace; connecting with the people around you can help anyone feel more relaxed and creative, which in turn boosts productivity. Some […]

Introducing Connected Apps by PivotDesk

by Peter Nocchiero in Office Hacks, We Are PivotDesk
04 May 2016

We’ve got big news… For the past 4 years, we’ve been helping to solve for one of the most expensive challenges every businesses is sure to encounter — office space. Now, with the launch of our latest product feature, Connected Apps, we’re taking our service a step further by making it easier for hosts and guests […]

Try These 5 Team Building Ideas to Improve Your Workplace Dynamic

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
06 Apr 2016

Today’s workplace relies heavily on collaboration and powerful networks. At the same time, we have more workplace options than ever before. Many workers find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings or required to work away from colleagues at least part of the time. Though the PivotDesk headquarters is in Boulder, Colorado, more than half our team works […]

Try These Tricks for Personalizing Your Office Workspace Today

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
24 Mar 2016

A quick google search will yield dozens of articles, blog posts and research papers on the direct effect one’s workplace atmosphere has on productivity. And they all point in one very clear direction: A happy worker is a productive worker. But you don’t need scientific evidence to know that…you just need to look around you. […]

The Office Manager’s Guide to Office Sharing

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks, Office Sharing
15 Mar 2016

Office managers excel at promoting office culture, eliminating barriers to employee productivity, streamlining administrative tasks and making everyone’s lives just a bit easier.  If you’re an office manager, give yourself a high-five — you deserve it. Managing a physical space is no easy task, let alone keeping everyone inside of it happy. Anyone who has been […]

8 Surprising Lessons to Learn BEFORE Your Next Office Move

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
01 Mar 2016

Moving your business to a new office is never an easy task. Finding the space itself is a tough process but that’s only half the battle. Once the lease is signed, you have to worry about: 1. Structuring the space to support your team after you move in 2. Strategizing a smooth transition so as […]

Packing and Moving to a New Home
The Ultimate Vendor Guide for Your Next Office Move

by Team PivotDesk in Office Hacks
23 Feb 2016

At PivotDesk, we spend much of our time helping entrepreneurs solve one of the costliest challenges a business faces: office space. But, truth be told, finding the office is only half the battle. Next you have to make sure the space is set up to properly support your team and then you have to worry about […]

Man surrounded by moving boxes  - Adobe RGB
3 Essentials for Moving Your Office with Ease

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
26 Jan 2016

Is your business gearing up for a big office move? Spare yourself the stress and join us live for a free webinar on the top mistakes businesses make when moving offices, and how to avoid them.  It’s hard to know exactly how to feel about moving your office. Generally, it’s a positive development, indicating growth […]

4 Signs Your New Office Will Fuel Productivity

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
11 Jan 2016

It’s only the second week of 2016 but have you noticed? It seems like every business you can think of is moving offices. Change is in the air proving a new office space is full of opportunity. It can foster a fresh start and improvements on existing procedures in your firm. It’s a chance to look at […]

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