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3 Key Ways Office Sharing Differs from Coworking

by Nell Gable in Coworking, Office Sharing
23 Jun 2020

The way we work has been in transition since Web 2.0 got its start. Independent and entrepreneurial ventures are more common, and even more traditional businesses like design and CPA firms are realizing the need for flexibility in commercial real estate spaces. In turn, the market is delivering on that need for alternatives to traditional […]

Guide to Sublease Your Office Space

by Richard in Office Sharing
05 Aug 2019

You wouldn’t rent an apartment with two bedrooms and only use one of them, you’d get a roommate—so why shouldn’t the same logic extend to office space? This is exactly the rationale employed when businesses choose to sublease their offices. A sublease occurs when a tenant who currently has a lease with a property owner […]

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This Week: Top Office Spaces in NYC

by Sasha Veytsman in Coworking, Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
14 Sep 2016

With office sharing on the rise, we’re seeing many companies shift with the movement and offer to share their space. Here are some of the top NYC offices this week! Neighborhood: SoHo Host: Flavorpill The Office: Flavorpill knows what they’re doing when it comes to office decor. With a perfect mix of trendy and comfortable, […]

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Does Office Sharing Work for Introverts?

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
04 Aug 2016

The short answer? Absolutely! Before we jump into why, let’s discuss exactly what we mean by the term “introvert.” Different energy sources Often, people conflate introversion with shyness, but that’s not always accurate. Introverts aren’t necessarily shy. Shy people feel uncomfortable interacting with others and may feel anxious in various social situations. Introverts don’t necessarily […]

Mathieu Nouzareth, Founder & CEO at FreshPlanet on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 in Mama Shelter hotel, Paris, France. Photographer: Andrew Kovalev, for Management magazine
Behind the Walls: FreshPlanet CEO, Mathieu Nouzareth

by Sasha Veytsman in Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
18 Jul 2016

Behind the Walls A PivotDesk series that goes inside the minds and the offices of business leaders who are redefining the modern workforce. Part 1: FreshPlanet CEO and PivotDesk Host, Mathieu Nouzareth Join us as we dive deep with Mathieu on being a CEO, a Father, a Parisian and what it takes to lead his […]

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4 Undeniable Ways Office Sharing Expands Your Network

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
07 Jun 2016

Have you ever dragged yourself to an after-work networking function only to realize you won’t benefit from meeting  a single person in attendance? If you’ve spent much time in the business world, chances are you’ve had this experience on more than one occasion. It can lead to frustration and the desire to give up on […]

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It’s not JUST about saving money on office rent. What PivotDesk customers are teaching us about the need for flexibility.

by Nell Gable in Leasing, Office Sharing
03 Jun 2016

Office sharing has become increasingly popular among businesses of all stages and sizes for good reason: it allows you to house  your business in a professional setting for less, without the commitment and fees associated with a commercial lease. More and more entrepreneurs are becoming hesitant to commit to 3 to 5 years in a […]

Take a Peek Inside 3 NYC Offices Taking Office Sharing to the Next Level

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
21 Apr 2016

If the idea of office sharing is not something you’ve thought much about or investigated, your image of the spaces available may not be quite accurate. Oftentimes shared spaces are assumed to be bare “spare rooms” with the minimum essentials — an afterthought and a temporary solution at best. That may have been the case […]

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Check Out the Surprising Ways Office Sharing Can Boost Your Company Culture

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
14 Apr 2016

We’ve been covering company culture on the blog pretty frequently — and for good reason. A strong company culture rooted in shared company values is essential for running a business — no matter the stage or size. Why? Because your product roadmap might cover what you work on as organization, but your company culture determines how you […]

As Demand for Shared Office Space Grows, Host Companies Are Reaping the Benefits

by Nell Gable in Leasing, Office Sharing
04 Apr 2016

Updated January, 2019 Office sharing is on the rise, especially in locations like NYC and San Francisco where the cost of commercial real estate remains astronomically high, in large part due to demand driven by startups and other SMB’s scrambling for office space. Since starting PivotDesk in 2012, we’ve helped companies in NYC save $3.3 million […]

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