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The Office Manager’s Guide to Office Sharing

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks, Office Sharing
15 Mar 2016

Office managers excel at promoting office culture, eliminating barriers to employee productivity, streamlining administrative tasks and making everyone’s lives just a bit easier.  If you’re an office manager, give yourself a high-five — you deserve it. Managing a physical space is no easy task, let alone keeping everyone inside of it happy. Anyone who has been […]

You Gotta Be Kidding Me?! Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Office Sharing

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
14 Jan 2016

As head of your own company, you have plenty of concerns. Developing your business requires attention to detail with an eye on the big picture. Deciding to find a space for operations is a big step, and can create some worries, especially if you listen to all of the opinions and cautionary tales out there. […]

4 Tips for Being Respectful of Shared Office Space

by Nell Gable in Coworking, Office Sharing
24 Dec 2015

One of the great things about being at work is that you’re around people that you probably wouldn’t encounter otherwise. Your co-workers no doubt come from a wide variety of backgrounds and display every personality type in the book. This is usually a very good thing, and we grow by learning to become friends and […]

Going Global and Then Some: How ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus opened up a U.S office and a professional network with PivotDesk

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
29 Oct 2015

When Japan-based pharmaceutical company, ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus needed virtual office space to expand operations in the United States, they thought Regus was their only option. Frustrated by Regus’ contracts and hidden costs, they searched for another solution. When ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus found PivotDesk, they got more than what they bargained for. Not only did they […]

From coworking to office sharing: How IRIS.TV made the jump with agility in mind

by Nell Gable in Coworking, Office Sharing
15 Oct 2015

An LA-Based company, with a growing presence in NYC, IRIS.TV needed office space that could grow when they did—and getting locked in to a 5-10 year lease simply didn’t fit into their agile business model. So, COO, Richie Hyden was tasked with finding flexible office space after his NY team outgrew one WeWork location and then […]

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Office sharing isn’t just for startups—Check out the surprising businesses embracing shared office space

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
13 Oct 2015

Office sharing started as a way to provide affordable office space to small businesses and entrepreneurs while relieving some of the financial burden felt by companies already saddled with leases. Since the rise of the sharing economy, however, the concept has has evolved into a flexible and widely used marketplace system being embraced by all sorts […]

10 Surprising realities of O (1)
10 Surprising Realities of Office Sharing…(Hint: It’s NOT the Same as Coworking!)

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
16 Sep 2015

For many growing businesses looking for short-term or month-to-month office space, coworking appears to be the only option. The reason? There are a few: #1: Smaller spaces (under 3K square feet) are extremely difficult to come by — in fact, NYC is at an all time low for that type of inventory with no sign […]

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