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This Week: Top Office Spaces in NYC

by Sasha Veytsman in Coworking, Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
14 Sep 2016

With office sharing on the rise, we’re seeing many companies shift with the movement and offer to share their space. Here are some of the top NYC offices this week! Neighborhood: SoHo Host: Flavorpill The Office: Flavorpill knows what they’re doing when it comes to office decor. With a perfect mix of trendy and comfortable, […]

Top 4 NYC Offices That Feel Like Home

by Sasha Veytsman in Offices You Should See
04 Aug 2016

Your home away from home If we’re being real here, you spend more time in the office than you do at home (NYC, we’re looking at you). Fortunately, recent developments are bridging the gap between home and work — transforming offices into spaces that look and feel like home and still provide you with the […]

Top 4 Dog Friendly Offices in NYC

by Sasha Veytsman in Offices You Should See
21 Jul 2016

Bring your dog to work day- Everyday Every morning you grab your things and head out your front door to another day at the office. But before that, you get ‘the look’. We all know the “please don’t leave me here for 8 hours by myself, i love you” look. Thats right, man’s best friend […]

Mathieu Nouzareth, Founder & CEO at FreshPlanet on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 in Mama Shelter hotel, Paris, France. Photographer: Andrew Kovalev, for Management magazine
Behind the Walls: FreshPlanet CEO, Mathieu Nouzareth

by Sasha Veytsman in Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
18 Jul 2016

Behind the Walls A PivotDesk series that goes inside the minds and the offices of business leaders who are redefining the modern workforce. Part 1: FreshPlanet CEO and PivotDesk Host, Mathieu Nouzareth Join us as we dive deep with Mathieu on being a CEO, a Father, a Parisian and what it takes to lead his […]

Top 4 Creative Spaces in Brooklyn

by Sasha Veytsman in Offices You Should See
06 Jul 2016

Best of BK: Creative Spaces It’s no secret Brooklyn is on the up and up when it comes to progressive businesses. The trend of companies moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is growing at exponential speeds because of the borough’s non traditional vibe and an attraction to the creativity it’s residents, employees and office spaces exude. […]

Best of NYC: Office Rooftops

by Sasha Veytsman in Offices You Should See
22 Jun 2016

Add a little extra vitamin D to your day. Outdoor office space in NYC is more than hard to come by. Today, we’re here to change that with off-market inventory featuring some of the best rooftops and balconies in the city. While your team struggles with being cooped up inside this summer, explore spaces that […]

Take a Peek Inside 3 NYC Offices Taking Office Sharing to the Next Level

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
21 Apr 2016

If the idea of office sharing is not something you’ve thought much about or investigated, your image of the spaces available may not be quite accurate. Oftentimes shared spaces are assumed to be bare “spare rooms” with the minimum essentials — an afterthought and a temporary solution at best. That may have been the case […]