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Corporate Events That Drive Productivity and Improve Morale

by Team PivotDesk in Office Hacks
16 Mar 2019

Most businesses recognize the importance of having a sense of community in the workplace. In terms of productivity, a work environment that promotes bonding and collaboration is usually more efficient in achieving its goals. Why? In short, there is a significant body of research telling us that employees who feel connected to others at work […]

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PivotDesk Joins SquareFoot to Give Growing Businesses More Flexibility

by Graham Shorr in We Are PivotDesk
19 Feb 2019

Growing businesses looking for office space need one thing above all else — flexibility. That’s why PivotDesk and SquareFoot are teaming up, to give companies more options that fit their budget, moving timeline, and growth trajectory. PivotDesk’s office sharing marketplace will continue to run independently, with the support and resources of SquareFoot, the country’s largest tech-enabled brokerage. […]

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Money-Conscious Millennials: Eight Affordable Cities Attracting Young Professionals

by Traci Magnus in Entrepreneurship
29 Jan 2019

Although many millennials dream of moving to major metropolises like New York City, Boston, Houston, and San Francisco, they don’t always have the financial means to do so. With the high cost of living in these cities, budget-conscious professionals may desire to look elsewhere for dynamic but affordable places to put down roots. If this […]

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Winter is coming (faster than you think!) Here are a few of our favorite tricks for staying warm this winter

by Marika Dasbach in Office Hacks
27 Sep 2016

The nights are slowly getting cooler, the air feels clean and crisp instead of heavy and hot, there’s no denying that winter is coming (unless you live somewhere that’s always warm, in which case we are jealous!). And while that makes some of us jump for joy, dig sweaters out of our closets and run […]

[Guest Post] 6 Tips for Productive Meetings (That Don’t Suck)

by Michael Solomon in Entrepreneurship
15 Sep 2016

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Michael Solomon, Co-Founder of 10x Management There is nothing more that drains productivity and motivation faster than a long, unproductive meeting. Conversely, effective meetings can leave you with clear direction and an energized feeling about the project at hand. As the Co-Founder of 10x Management, I’ve worked […]

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This Week: Top Office Spaces in NYC

by Sasha Veytsman in Coworking, Office Sharing, Offices You Should See
14 Sep 2016

With office sharing on the rise, we’re seeing many companies shift with the movement and offer to share their space. Here are some of the top NYC offices this week! Neighborhood: SoHo Host: Flavorpill The Office: Flavorpill knows what they’re doing when it comes to office decor. With a perfect mix of trendy and comfortable, […]

Coworking Office with Young Entrepreneurs
Why Is Coworking So Popular?

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Coworking
13 Sep 2016

“Lets grab a beer before we leave, just give me twenty minutes to finish this up and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” I remember saying different variants of that while I was at a WeWork in Manhattan a few months ago, and it’s something that often comes to mind when I think of coworking—a […]

Coworking Office with Young Entrepreneurs
What It’s Like to Manage Millennials…As a Millennial

by Ginevra Figg in Entrepreneurship, We Are PivotDesk
29 Aug 2016

There’s no shortage of content out there on what’s shaping up to be the year’s biggest buzzword: millennial. Yet, when we opened up registration for our webinar, Designing your workplace: What you can learn from millennials, we were stunned at the response. …We more than tripled our normal registration number in just a few hours. Clearly, […]

[Guest Post] Tips From a TriNet Recruiter on Managing Millennials

by Anthony Ysasaga in Entrepreneurship
25 Aug 2016

For more on this topic, check out this guest post from our very own Ginevra Figg over on the TriNet blog. Millennials have surpassed baby boomers in number and arguably in their impact on the workplace. In the decade or so since this group started entering the workforce, they’ve shaped office cultures in all industries — from startups to accounting […]

Millennials Are Shaping Offices And Real Estate Nationwide Through Tech Markets

by Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio in Leasing
23 Aug 2016

Want to learn more about what makes millennials tick? Check out our webinar, co-hosted by TriNet. Tech markets are thriving all over the country, everywhere from Silicon Valley to lesser known havens like Charlotte, NC, Houston, TX, and Madison, WI. Millennials are the driving force behind much of this growth, and their preferences in both […]

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