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PivotDesk Event Q&A: The Future of Work Panel Part 1

by Team PivotDesk in Entrepreneurship, We Are PivotDesk
18 Feb 2016

Soon after launching Been There, Done That, we heard from many of you that you wanted more — more coaching, more resources more access to the network of entrepreneurs PivotDesk has built. So, we started to host events aimed at giving you just that…more! Rather than limit the benefits of these events to attendees only, […]

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PivotDesk Event Q&A: Everything You Need to Know from Breakfast Without the BS at Skillshare

by Team PivotDesk in Entrepreneurship, We Are PivotDesk
11 Feb 2016

We created Been There, Done That to serve as a sounding board for the struggles that we, as entrepreneurs, ALL go through. The fact is, none of us are immune to the challenges and unpredictability that come with building a business and establishing an office, yet, many of us are too afraid we’re lost or […]

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Post Webinar Wrap-Up: Your Toughest Real Estate Questions Answered

by David Mandell in Leasing, We Are PivotDesk
29 Jan 2016

Our live webinar on the secrets to leasing office space may have wrapped, but the questions continue to roll in. Why? Because the commercial real estate system is tough and MOST of us aren’t properly equipped to go through the process of finding space, then negotiating and signing a lease on our own. On the […]

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