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Check Out the Surprising Ways Office Sharing Can Boost Your Company Culture

We’ve been covering company culture on the blog pretty frequently — and for good reason. A strong company culture rooted in shared company values is essential for running a business — no matter the stage or size.

Why? Because your product roadmap might cover what you work on as organization, but your company culture determines how you work as an organization.

And we’re not just talking about implementing sweet employee perks like free beer, ping pong or company ski trips — although none of those hurt!

Based on what we know about it, company culture is much too important to leave to chance. Experts agree that a strong corporate culture does the following for an organization:

1. Helps to distinguish it from competitors

2. Improves productivity and engagement

3. Helps attract and retain talent

At PivotDesk, we believe cultural values need to be adhered to from the top down, meaning if the leadership team doesn’t take them seriously, no one will. As PivotDesk CEO, David Mandell put it at a recent panel on revolutionizing company culture:

“A leader must act the way in which they would like their company to behave.”

Then, these values and behaviors will trickel down to positively impact customer service and overall progress toward the company’s goals.

There’s no doubt that the physical office a business inhabits has an impact on culture as well. Whether your office tends to be the heads-down, quiet type — or more of a raucous, collaborative space, your office vibe set’s the tone for your company culture and affects who will and will not work well with your team.

This is a tangible representation of the culture, and instantly conveys information about priorities, procedures, and interactions in the company. Potential employees are looking for a workplace that fits them personally –and this is a good thing, since a sense of connectedness and belonging is shown to enhance job satisfaction and productivity. A workplace that accurately reflects and nurtures the company culture is an essential tool for communicating the organization’s values and goals.

But what about those of you that have embraced the growing trend of office sharing — meaning you share your excess space with another team or teams as a host OR you’re a guest in another company’s space — how is your company culture affected by this arrangement?

Office sharing can actually be an excellent way you nourish your company culture. But don’t take our word for it! Find out how Emerson Stone built their company culture in a shared space. 

Here are the top ways office sharing helps you make the most of your office environment, no matter what your set-up is:

Awesome amenities

When you share office space using PivotDesk, typically the host and guest share access to all office amenities, including conference rooms, kitchen space, parking and WiFi. Access to top office amenities can boost job satisfaction and create a positive and stimulating environment. Many early-stage companies fear they’ll have to sacrifice access to pricey perks such as lounge space, copy machines or high speed internet, but with office sharing it is part of the deal.

Networking when you want it, privacy when you don’t

Making connections has always been essential to success in pretty much any field, and office sharing provides unique opportunities to interact with professionals outside of the firm. This creates an environment that inspires and informs. The millennial generation holds personal networks and connections to be an essential piece of their professional lives, so office sharing helps to create the type of environment that they desire.

Often coworking forces companies into a non-stop networking scene. With office sharing, you’ll be able to select the office environment that works best for your team so you can have networking when you want it and privacy when you don’t.

Office space where you want it

In addition to connectedness, millennials place considerable emphasis on location, preferring to work in city centers. These desirable locations are convenient to transportation options as well as the things that make cities great — dining, culture, parks, and entertainment. They are also generally priced at a premium in a traditional lease. By sharing available space in top locations across the country such as New York City, San Francisco and Boston, smaller or younger organizations can obtain digs that reflect their desired image, at a fraction of that cost.

Growing companies can’t afford to wait when it comes to developing their unique culture. Office sharing can play an important role in creating a workplace environment that helps the organization to thrive.

Check out our office sharing services to find the setup that works best for your team, or become a host.

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