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Cure the Hangry: 4 Offices with Killer Kitchens

A well fed team is a productive team.

No, your colleague did not turn into a big scary monster — they’re just hangry. You want your team performing at their best around the clock, and having a full kitchen and snacks is proven to increase productivity in addition to keeping everyone nourished during those heads down hours. Avoid the hunger pangs by working in one of these PivotDesk host spaces with sweet kitchens.



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Neighborhood: Midtown


The Office: This modern (and newly renovated) kitchen is fully equipped and stocked with snacks, to beat those 4 o’clock hunger pains. Along with the kitchen, the office is freshly decorated and has just the right touch for a productive work environment. Conference rooms are decorated with greenery to keep spirits high during those long meetings.

The Host: partners with digital publishers to provide clear audience insights through an intuitive analytics platform. They also happen to be a laid-back team that enjoys a balance between fun and productivity. just moved into this brand new office, and it would be a shame to keep their unique space all to themselves, so is inviting another team to PivotDesk the unused portion of their space.



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Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

Host: Tough Mudder

The Office: With one of the largest kitchens we’ve seen, Tough Mudder has really created a space for collaboration — and unwinding. It also includes a beer tap for those days you need a little something extra. By far one of the most unique offices in the Brooklyn, Tough Mudder offers a mix of well decorated lounges, conference rooms and even games.

The Host: Tough Mudder is a company that produces a 10-12 mile mud filled obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. While their company is hardcore, their office environment varies between quiet work and moderate noise during collaboration.

Tough Mudder is looking to share some of their extra desks in their spacious, state-of-the-art office with like-minded, intelligent individuals and companies. Since their space is so large, they have capacity to fit teams of all different sizes.



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Neighborhood: TriBeCa

Host: Sachs Insights

The Office: Sachs Insights knows how to utilize their kitchen in more ways than one. They love entertaining and occasionally turning the kitchen into a fun party space. A lively office in the heart of TriBeCa, Sachs Insights doesn’t miss a beat. The decor in the office is fun and colorful, and makes for a motivating work space.

The Host: Sachs Insights works with brands to help them connect with and learn from their customers in order to increase revenue. They’ve partnered with brands across the board including Nike, Aveeno, Nestle and Johnson & Johnson (to name a few!).

The Sachs office is looking for collaborative and creative companies to share their space and keep up with the current office culture.


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Neighborhood: Columbus Circle

Host: Evans Real Estate

The Office: This trendy vintage kitchen sets the tone for the rest of the office. Evans has a gallery-like office, with hardwood floors and high ceilings, is the perfect place to grow your team. Impeccably decorated, this office will put you at ease right when you walk through the doors.

The Host: Evans Real Estate is a boutique real estate firm specializing in residential & commercial real estate in New York City. As is typical for a real estate team, the Evans group is constantly on the move so if you’re looking for a quiet office, this is the place to be.

Being in the real estate field themselves, Evans understands the value in using all of their space. With the office being underutilized, Evans wants to share all their amenities with a team looking for a quiet, updated space.




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