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Does Office Sharing Work for Introverts?

The short answer? Absolutely!

Before we jump into why, let’s discuss exactly what we mean by the term “introvert.”

Different energy sources

Often, people conflate introversion with shyness, but that’s not always accurate. Introverts aren’t necessarily shy. Shy people feel uncomfortable interacting with others and may feel anxious in various social situations.

Introverts don’t necessarily dislike interaction; they just need some down time between to recharge. Introverts gain energy in solitude and quiet, while extroverts get energy from interaction and socialization.

Introverts: they’re everywhere

It’s estimated that 1/3 of the population are introverts, so it’s likely that if you’re not one yourself, you work with more than a few. They can be tricky to spot, but generally they’re reserved, and prefer to think things through and observe rather than dive into interaction. This can be a great personality to have in a coworker. Research indicates that they might work better in groups than extroverts do. Your boss may even be an introvert; about 40% of managers are, according to USA Today.    

Introverts in open-office environments

But working well with others is not the same as functioning in a noisy environment throughout the day. Experts agree that an open office with constant activity and interruptions is not ideal for introverts. In fact, the open office environment is considered by many to be an “introvert’s worst nightmare” and “devastating for introverts”. While these descriptions are pretty dramatic, it is certainly true that performance can suffer when introverts aren’t able to find some quiet time to recharge.

Why office sharing can work for introverts

In a shared office arrangement, introverts and others have the power to select the office environment that suits their company culture and individual working style. While a single desk in an open office is certainly an option, office sharing can also mean a private suite of rooms for your team’s exclusive use. At PivotDesk, our marketplace includes the full range of office layouts, so you have the option to get the benefits of shared space in a space that’s most productive for you—whatever that may be.

The positives of sharing space—like collaboration and the free-flowing of ideas—appeal to introverts just like they do extroverts. They just need to be able to find space for quiet, focused work throughout the course of the day. Often, office sharing through a service like PivotDesk provides introverts the opportunity to personalize their space and control their work environment—more so than they could in a coworking arrangement.  

Needless to say, introverts need not fear office sharing.

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