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[VIDEO] Crafting the perfect pitch for your startup (or yourself!)

We partnered with Uncubed to bring you Entrepreneur Essentials, a 3-part series on the challenges ALL entrepreneurs face when starting a business:

1. How to pitch

2. Hiring and firing

3. Office space

PivotDesk CEO and Co-Founder, David Mandell has seen it all throughout his career as a serial startup founder and Techstars mentor. Through these lessons, his goal is to inform entrepreneurs based on his own past successes and failures.

Part 1 will focus on a challenge all entrepreneurs must master: The pitch.

Why start with the pitch?

When you’re running a business, focus is essential. Measuring all of your efforts against a finely targeted goal is the best way to move your company forward, and mastering your pitch is essential to finding this focus.

But learning to cultivate a strong pitch isn’t just for founders. Everyone should know how to create and deliver a strong message.

Because no matter what it is you’re selling — whether it be a product, an article, an idea or yourself — the truth is always the same:

No one gives a sh*t what you do.

So, how do you get someone to care?

Simple: Target emotion NOT logic.

Unfortunately, getting to simple is complex. Join David Mandell as he teaches the fundamentals of how to craft a killer pitch for any audience.

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