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How to Make Your Office Listing Stand Out

Woo hoo! You’re accepting guests!

Did you just finish posting your listing, or has it been up for a while? Either way, you probably want to make sure that you’ve done everything possible to make your offering stand out. Well, we’re here to help with three tips to increase your chances of finding your ideal suitor more efficiently and more effectively. If you haven’t already reviewed our guide to creating a posting, we really recommend you take a look.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

We’ve found that listings with at least four well-taken photos that showcase the office space are twice as likely to get a click-through. So what makes a great photo? You can find more details in this blog post, but here is a quick teaser:

  • Turn on grid lines on your smartphone. Use those grid lines to align to desks, walls, pretty much anything that’s straight. It’ll give your photos a clean and framed look. Simply Google, “how to turn on grid lines on [your device model]” for more detailed instructions.
  • Take photos at chest level. This balances the amount of ceiling and floor in your photos, which makes your office look more spacious. Take out your phone and try moving the camera to your eye and then to your hip. Does the camera capture more of the floor at eye level and more of the ceiling at hip height? If you’ve turned on those grid lines, you’ll see a world of difference.
  • Pick a sunny day and shoot as close to the window as possible. Lighting often makes or breaks a picture, and fluorescent light at night will give your office a drab and boring feel.
  • Tidy up. You want your prospective tenant to focus on your beautiful space, not on all the random papers, coffee cups, and unwashed dishes lying around. You could take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning, or just move things into a big box out of the frame.
  • Show all the spaces. Your space is so much more than just the desks. The entryway, conference rooms, rooftop, kitchen, break-out space, and more are all highly desired features of your office. And don’t forget the details of your fixtures, furniture, and art — they’ll let your personality shine through.

All Good in the Neighborhood

An office is a hub for everyone from employees to clients and even board members. So to ensure people love visiting the office, it’s great to showcase some of the great events happening and venues that live nearby. The more you can highlight the amazingness of your neighborhood, the more attractive it will be for your prospective guests. Take a look through our office attractions and see if you’ve actually been sitting on a neighborhood gold mine without even noticing.

  • Mind the Commute. Everyone is going to be commuting to your office at some point, so the more public transportation options, the better. Don’t assume others know the area with simply an address; it’ll be much easier for your guest if you list out all the subway, bus, train, ferry, bike share docks, and even heliport options near you.
  • Out of Office Meeting Places. Breakfast meeting? Coffee? Lunch gathering? After-work drinks? Board dinner, then drinks? It’s nice to connect socially during and after work, and smart office managers will be looking for a variety of coffee, restaurant, and bar options close to the office (brownie points if one of these options has a Giant Jenga).
  • Sweat It Out. They say sitting is the new smoking. But aside from employees missing work for doctors’ appointments, it actually helps companies increase productivity through improved engagement, focus, and overall happiness. Employees are now looking to squeeze in some gym time during lunch breaks or in the afternoons, so this will be helpful for employers. Highlight all the gyms and fitness classes nearby and check with your team – your company may be able to offer a discount to affiliates.
  • Chop the Chores. Employees are people, too, which means they often need to handle mundane things for their home. People’s ability to perform basic chores and errands like picking up medication, groceries, dry cleaning are all impacted by when they arrive and leave the office. Explore how your current employees are using the nearby stores to make their home life easier. We’ve heard positive feedback for spaces near popular grocery chains Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fairway, and Gristedes in New York City.

Remember to Be Yourself

Office sharing is an amazing opportunity to surround yourself with another team who has similar values, but is working on a different problem. Your space reflects your team’s personality, and vice versa! Here are just a few examples of ways to really showcase your unique company:

  • Why You Do What You Do. Changing the world is hard work, and you want as many allies as you can find to aid in your pursuit of greatness. Let others know the problem you’re trying to solve, and why you’re passionate about that problem. You may just find the next partner to 10x your business.
  • Office Fun. Teams bond in many different ways, and activities or games are always a fun excuse to stick together after work. Happy hours and game nights are very popular. We’ve seen teams host weekly Dungeons and Dragons nights, and others with more light hearted, Cards Against Humanity, or our new favorite, Joking Hazard.
  • Extend an Invitation. It may be obvious that anyone interested in your space should inquire, but we’ve found that some friendly language in your listing actually encourages people to click that tour button and reach out to you. So don’t forget to thank them for checking you out, and invite them to connect!

What do you think? Do you have any tips that we missed? Agree with us? Disagree with us? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!


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