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Interior Designers’ Tips to Creating a Beautiful, Functional Office

When it comes to workplaces, who doesn’t want to work in a smartly designed, stylish one? But how you get there, whether you work from home or in a commercial space, can be just as challenging as finding the right space to work in. To help you figure out the best design process for your workspace, the office interior designers from New York City based firm Décor Aid pooled some clever ideas that are practical, beneficial, and easy enough to pull off on your own.

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Remain Flexible

As you explore office décor ideas, flexibility will provide more options, especially for a growing business. The kind of office you choose and how its managed can make all the difference. By remaining adaptable, you’ll more than likely end up saving since you’re making informed decisions and are open to new ideas. This should also play a role if you haven’t yet scored a spot as you should be open to different kinds of lease agreements and terms as your company grows.

Find a Balance

Increase morale by creating conversational and activity-based areas. Optimize the space to everyone’s benefit and keep everyone engaged with each other in a more conducive environment. And while open space layouts are great for collaborative moments, they can create times where there’s too much communal noise to distract. So if you have an open plan, do devise clever ways to allow for privacy. Glass partitions are great for this and will keep the space feeling light and airy. Plus, everyone will remain focused and social when needed. The key is to strike a balance between privacy and openness. Designated activity-based zones will then come in handy when collaboration is key.

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Be Deliberate

When it comes to decorative trends, they have no place in an office. Instead, inform office-related décor by a more strategic goal. Here’s where intentionality remains key as you should want to maximize the value of every office décor decision you make. This way you’ll get the best value you can without having to spend a small fortune. Think about how you would feel working for someone else in the same space based on its tone and energy. Would you enjoy coming here every day? Would there be anything that would hinder your productivity?

To make sure that everyone enjoys coming in, consider these cues:

Comfort Comes First

The more time you spend in your office, the more comforting its look and feel should be. To create a cozy feel, consider mimicking the feel of a luxurious living room with conversational seating areas, and plush, sumptuous fabrications.

Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions are essential when it comes to storing files, electronic equipment, and just about anything that you don’t need out in the open regularly. Concealed storage will also help you retrieve and put away what you do need, leading to a cleaner, more comforting environment.

Plants are a Must

In any space, plants offer plenty of benefits besides being an affordable way to bring in texture and a sense of the organic. In fact, studies have shown that they can work to help dramatically reduce stress levels while boosting productivity. And since they can effectively clean the air from pollutants around them, you’ll have happier and healthier employees to boot.

Layer Texture

Spartan offices often evoke dull, lifeless energy, while layers of texture and color boast a mood-enhancing feel. To create a balanced, layered look, mix and match decorative elements and bring in extra texture via patterned rugs, throws, and pillows. And to avoid a sloppy, unorganized spirit, stick to only a handful of extras to avoid a heavy-handed feel.

Inject Color

Cold and austere neutral color schemes should be left for institutional environments as they do nothing when it comes to sparking creativity. Avoid a clinical feel by embracing warn, richer colors. Just be sure that you opt for ones that you won’t tire of soon.

Utilize Variety

Decorative accessories are certain to help you create a unique, and layered, well-judged look. These intriguing contrasts will also help to keep the eye moving which is great for keeping the senses stimulated.

Play with Patterns

Long gone are the days of confetti printed industrial carpets as today’s office decor trends call for visually striking plays on geometric patterns. Whether you opt for a bold color combination or something more subtle, refreshing geometric patterns are certain to boost the energy in any environment.

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When in Doubt, Go Minimal

If you’ve got a small and challenging office space to work with, take a cue from the slim, sleek, and methodical feel of a fine art gallery as you plan to decorate your workspace. By going for a well-judged minimal take, you’ll ensure that your office space remains timeless in feel without any bulky elements in the way. Even better if you’re able to build a workstation along a wall from the ground up to take as little of valuable floor space as possible.


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