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From coworking to office sharing: How IRIS.TV made the jump with agility in mind

An LA-Based company, with a growing presence in NYC, IRIS.TV needed office space that could grow when they did—and getting locked in to a 5-10 year lease simply didn’t fit into their agile business model. So, COO, Richie Hyden was tasked with finding flexible office space after his NY team outgrew one WeWork location and then another.

He first tried to go the traditional commercial real estate route, teaming up with a broker to find a small space under a 2 year lease, only to be let down when the landlord tried to raise the rent to nearly double what he was initially quoted.

Then, he came across PivotDesk. With office sharing, Richie could secure a spacious private office where his team could continue to forge its own culture, without committing to a risky long-term lease.

Read the full story of IRIS.TV’s agile approach to office space here:

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