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6 On-the-Go Tips for Staying Connected On the Road

by Nell Gable in Office Hacks
09 Aug 2016

Whether we’re on the go for business or traveling for fun, most of us still need to stay connected to some extent. Unplugging entirely can be a healthy thing from time to time, but for most professionals, it’s good to be able to keep an eye on things when we’re away from the office — […]

Top 4 NYC Offices That Feel Like Home

by Sasha Veytsman in Offices You Should See
04 Aug 2016

Your home away from home If we’re being real here, you spend more time in the office than you do at home (NYC, we’re looking at you). Fortunately, recent developments are bridging the gap between home and work — transforming offices into spaces that look and feel like home and still provide you with the […]

Businessman working alone in boardroom after hours on weekend
Does Office Sharing Work for Introverts?

by Nell Gable in Office Sharing
04 Aug 2016

The short answer? Absolutely! Before we jump into why, let’s discuss exactly what we mean by the term “introvert.” Different energy sources Often, people conflate introversion with shyness, but that’s not always accurate. Introverts aren’t necessarily shy. Shy people feel uncomfortable interacting with others and may feel anxious in various social situations. Introverts don’t necessarily […]

5 Common Problems With Traditional Office Leases

by Ben Mazzara in Leasing
02 Aug 2016

For well-established businesses with a solid, predictable growth plan and enough capital to sustain any mishap or expense, the standard commercial lease can not only offer tax benefits and fixed rental rates, but the autonomy to customize a workspace to fit the exact image you want. In other words, signing a standard lease agreement is a huge […]

Couple working on a terrace on vacation in a tropical area.
[Guest Post] Sick of the 9-To-5? Here’s What It’s Really Like to Work as a Freelancer

by Team PivotDesk in Entrepreneurship
28 Jul 2016

Today’s guest post is brought to you by John Arthur at AND CO, a company that through a combo of smart tech and experienced humans, does the things freelancers hate doing: invoicing, expensing, paperwork and tons more. Maybe you’re tired of punching a time card, or sitting in a cubicle, or even of your amazing corner office with […]

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From Suits to Jeans: My Path to a Startup Career

by Adam Greenfeld in Entrepreneurship, We Are PivotDesk
26 Jul 2016

Today, we’ll hear from PivotDesk’s NYC Account Executive, Adam Greenfeld, about the journey that led him to leave corporate America for a startup career, and the lessons he learned on life, sales and picking the right job along the way. Have you had a similar experience? If so, tell us about it in the comment section and […]

Top 4 Dog Friendly Offices in NYC

by Sasha Veytsman in Offices You Should See
21 Jul 2016

Bring your dog to work day- Everyday Every morning you grab your things and head out your front door to another day at the office. But before that, you get ‘the look’. We all know the “please don’t leave me here for 8 hours by myself, i love you” look. Thats right, man’s best friend […]

[Guest Post] Fearless Confessions: How to Approach Company Restructuring

by Team PivotDesk in Entrepreneurship
21 Jul 2016

Welcome to part two of the Fearless Confessions series, where PivotDesk and Justworks help entrepreneurs tackle the more difficult aspects of leading a business through insight, ideas, and inspiration. You can check out part one here with David Mandell and Isaac Oates. As Heraticlus wisely stated in 500 BC, “Nothing endures but change.” The same […]

The Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Setting Up an Office

by Nell Gable in Entrepreneurship, Office Hacks
19 Jul 2016

Setting up an office is an exciting step for any business. No matter how many articles we read about the rise of the mobile workforce and the death of the office, there’s no denying the importance of establishing a home base for your team. Unfortunately, amidst all of the excitement surrounding the search for office […]

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Space Matters: Revolutionizing Company Culture

by Sasha Veytsman in Entrepreneurship, We Are PivotDesk
18 Jul 2016

Soon after launching Been There, Done That, we heard from many of you that you wanted more — more coaching, more resources, and more access to the network of entrepreneurs PivotDesk has built. So, we started to host events designed to give you just that…more! Rather than limit the benefits of these events to attendees […]

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