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PivotDesk joins forces with Industrious, the country’s largest high-end coworking company.

About 5 years ago, PivotDesk set out to push the boundaries of commercial real estate. Our founding mission was to take a static, outdated industry and bend it to fit the needs of modern businesses.

We created a platform to connect businesses that need space with those who have it and have since helped thousands of teams get access to office space that would otherwise be out of reach. The more businesses we touched, the more demand progressed, and today we find ourselves in the center of an active movement to reinvent commercial office space. As momentum builds, it’s our responsibility to grab the reigns before the dust settles and rigidity resumes. That’s why we are excited to announce we have found a new ally to help us move quickly and effectively.

Today, PivotDesk joined forces with Industrious, the country’s largest high-end coworking company!

Industrious’ national network of 18 spaces spans LA to Brooklyn, Austin to Minneapolis, and like us, they focus relentlessly on customer service and hospitality. We know how to delight our customers online; they know how to delight their customers face-to-face. With our combined physical and digital businesses, we are excited to offer our customers a best-in-class experience finding the office spaces of their dreams. Today is just the start and we invite you to get a glimpse into Industrious CEO, Jamie Hodari’s, take on what it looks like as our worlds collide here.

Going forward, we will continue doing what we do best, connecting teams with office spaces they love. PivotDesk will remain its own team within the Industrious umbrella, powered by Industrious’ support, resources and reach. Our commitment to our core mission will remain intact and we will continue to provide our customers with the service they expect from PivotDesk.

We have a lot of work ahead of us but today, we celebrate and we hope you’ll celebrate with us!

Questions about how this might affect your PivotDesk experience? We encourage you to reach out to We’re standing by to help. 

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