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This Week: Top Office Spaces in NYC

With office sharing on the rise, we’re seeing many companies shift with the movement and offer to share their space. Here are some of the top NYC offices this week!


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Neighborhood: SoHo
Host: Flavorpill

The Office: Flavorpill knows what they’re doing when it comes to office decor. With a perfect mix of trendy and comfortable, it is no surprise companies are flocking to this space. Even the conference room and kitchen are designed to perfection!

The Host: Flavorpill Media is a digital publisher and agency. Their team publishes sites and email newsletters focusing on culture and creativity — so you know they know what they’re doing when it comes to their work environment.

This office is one of a kind, and provides a rare opportunity to share space in such a trendy office.



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Neighborhood: Midtown
Host: RWI Design

The Office: The semi-private desks, fully equipped conference rooms and natural lighting have been a huge attraction for this office. The decor is simplistic and calm, making for a top notch work environment.

The Host: RWI Design is a small team of graphic designers who have a knack for technology and creativity. They are fully engaged as a team so the atmosphere in the office is an exciting but hard-working one. With a full team constantly collaborating and engaging with each other, it makes for a lively and exciting atmosphere for people to get things done.

Extra desks in this space are currently going unused, and RWI Design would love to add some additional energy into the office!



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Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Host: MarketSmiths

The Office: Based in a revamped architectural studio in Williamsburg, this space sits in the midst of a local restaurant revolution. This space is a minimalist’s dream with clean designs, neutral colors and warehouse feels.

The Host: In true Williamsburg fashion, MarketSmiths is a team of extra creative copywriters who enjoy a fun and casual office vibe.

Since they currently have excess space, they are looking for lively individuals (or a team) to share with.

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