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Time to Move? Here Are Our Tips for Finding a Commercial Office Space…Even During the Holidays

Even if you could devote all your time to an office search, it can take months to find the right property at the right price. First and foremost, we recommend adjusting your mindset — we’ve created a cheat sheet to help you do just that.

Still, no matter how mentally prepared you might be, anyone who’s completed the process can tell you about the dead ends, misleading ads, missed connections, and unacceptable terms that can consume weeks and send you back to square-one time and again. Add the hectic pace of the holiday season to the mix and you have a recipe for stress and frustration.

Still, the need for new office space can indeed arise at this time of year, and if you’re in that boat it’s wise to arm yourself with strategies that can streamline the process. Read on for 6 proven ways to make your search for office space more efficient and successful, even during the holidays.

#1: Use an Experienced Broker

If you decide to invest in the services of a broker, make sure that you choose one with a proven record of securing appropriate space. Look for one that has worked with companies similar to yours, with the same basic needs and priorities. This will make the whole process quicker and the result most satisfactory. We’re huge fans of TheSquareFoot for their technology forward way of taking care of clients.

#2: Talk to Your Current Property Manager

If they’re capable and easy to work with, check with the manager of your current property. Most likely they’ll have other properties or, a new space opening up for you to expand into, and one of these options might be just what you’re looking for. Besides the benefit of continuing a productive relationship, you may also get a break on the lease terms in exchange for staying with the same company. Sometimes finding a good property manager is half the battle.

#3: Keep an Eye Out

Keep your eye out for news about large companies vacating commercial space. When this happens, there is suddenly a large amount of space to fill, and this can be broken up to serve many smaller firms. This situation can often result in very favorable lease terms for new tenants. In New York, follow sources like The Real Deal or Curbed NY.

#4: Reach Out

Let people know you’re looking. Moving is usually a positive sign of growth, so spread the word among your professional contacts. Consider notifying meetup groups for entrepreneurs that you’re looking for space. Add a line to your email signature asking for information on possible leads. The space is out there; you just need to ask the right person, so ask as many as you can.

#5: Be Flexible, but Don’t Settle

As you begin your search, determine your requirements and stick to them. You may be willing to compromise on location to get the square footage you want, or a cool urban location may be absolutely essential, even if the space is not vast.

Think about how much work you’ll be willing to put into making the space suit you. Look into enterprise zones and economic development programs in your area for possible tax breaks that can make a property affordable, or offset costs with office sharing.

#6: Temporary space can buy you time

Temporary office space solutions like office sharing or coworking can buy you time and peace of mind this holiday season. If you need your own space but can’t quite find what you need, consider sharing space with a PivotDesk host on a month-to-month basis until you do. Or, if you find a space that you love but that contains more square footage than you need,  sign the lease and share the unused area on PivotDesk while you grow into it. Choose the plan that will keep you moving forward and enhance your productivity.


We promise it will be worth it — moving into a great new space will do wonders for morale.

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