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Top 4 NYC Offices That Feel Like Home

Your home away from home

If we’re being real here, you spend more time in the office than you do at home (NYC, we’re looking at you). Fortunately, recent developments are bridging the gap between home and work — transforming offices into spaces that look and feel like home and still provide you with the inspiration you need to get the job done. Lucky for you, we have a ton of them featured on PivotDesk! Have a look at our picks for top 4 spaces that make leaving the comfort of home worthwhile.

crowdtap 2

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Neighborhood: NoHo

Host: Crowdtap

The Office: This bright, open space features lounge areas filled with cozy couches to give you a break from your desk. Looking to meet with your team or a client? You’ll also find a number of private areas scattered throughout the floor plan that encourage collaboration without interrupting the rest of your colleagues.

The Host: Crowdtap, the People-Powered Marketing Platform, is a new operating system for brands powered by the people who love them. Their platform makes it easy for brands to put consumers at the heart of their marketing to drive product ideation, inform marketing strategy and create authentic content that fuels earned media.

Crowdtap currently has a lease that spans the 5th, 9th and 11th floors in their building and they’ve dedicated the entire 11th floor to PivotDesk. Will this be the space you call home for your business?


bene rialto 2

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Neighborhood: Midtown

Host: Bene Rialto

The office: This newly renovated space sits in a five-story townhouse that will quite literally make your team feel at home. High ceilings allow for tall windows and expansive views of the Empire State Building. You’ll also find a series of skylights and a floor plan loft-like open seating.

The Host: Bene Rialto is a dynamic fashion incubator offering retail & showroom space, industry focused office sharing, strategic partnerships, and industry expertise. They are revolutionizing the way brands work & create, and the way consumers shop & interact. In an environment such as this, anyone will feel right at home.

Bene Rialto moved into this lovely office with the intention of sharing their excess space with other teams to encourage a creative and collaborative workspace in a learning environment.


adprime media 2

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Neighborhood: FiDi

Host: Adprime Media

The Office: Don’t let the sophisticated decor fool you, this office is structured for fun, comfort and open collaboration. The lounge area with a ping-pong table is the ideal space to destress during a long work week.

The Host: Adprime Media operates several niche ad networks specializing in specific categories that help advertisers reach the right audiences. Each network is managed by distinct teams working solely within their industry, creating partnerships with endemic sites and bringing the highest quality advertising opportunities to marketers.

Adprime currently has a 3 floor lease, but is only utilizing two floors. The third floor is completely open for one company to take over, or for a few to share.


affect 2

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Neighborhood: Midtown

Host: Affect

The Office: The pops of color scattered throughout the Affect office, make for a fun and vibrant space to work out of. Lounge areas provide excellent space for collaboration or give you a spot to throw a pair of headphones in and get into the zone.

The Host: Affect is not your run-of-the-mill public relations, social media and marketing firm. Specializing in technology, healthcare and professional services, they combine smart people, cutting-edge thinking, creative ideas and hard work to provide exceptional service and produce tangible results for their clients.

Affect’s space is more than they can fill and they’re excited to invite a new team to come join.


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