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Packing and Moving to a New Home

The Ultimate Vendor Guide for Your Next Office Move

At PivotDesk, we spend much of our time helping entrepreneurs solve one of the costliest challenges a business faces: office space. But, truth be told, finding the office is only half the battle.

Next you have to make sure the space is set up to properly support your team and then you have to worry about getting everyone into the space without disrupting the team’s production.

Needless to say, there’s a LOT that can go wrong when it comes to moving your office — and at this stage, even the smallest mistake can mean major financial penalties.

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KISI was kind enough to pull together a guide on the top vendors to hire when preparing for an office move. Check it out and let us know if we’re missing any in the comment section.



The Ultimate Vendor Guide for Your Next Office Site Move


Moving offices is an incredibly hectic time for a growing business, especially without proper foresight and planning. As an IT company specializing in coordinating installations during office moves of all sizes and complexities, we’ve organized out a recommended vendor list to refer to when coordinating your next office move. Keep this on hand to make sure you know who to contact when planning your next relocation.

The first step before researching these vendors is to assign an internal project manager to oversee the move. Your project manager should champion all aspects of the move, including hiring vendors for all individual components, negotiating pricing, and managing timelines.

Below are the most common aspects of the move you will need to outsource. Certain businesses may have additional tasks, but this guide should generally apply to any company relocating offices.

Moving Furniture


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Zootly Great for: Small companies, same day, small budget

Zootly brings the convenience of Uber to your office move. The mobile app allows you to select the details of your move and will match you with a nearby truck and movers. Perfect for smaller companies, Zootly provides two insured and experienced movers with the option to request additional help if needed.

man van

Man With Van (NYC) Great for: Large companies, fragile equipment

Long one of the ‘best kept secrets’ in NYC, MWV lives up to the hype. Man With Van NYC provides full service packing and disassembling of your belongings as well as moving and transporting them to your new location, unpacking and reassembling. The crews and fully equipped vehicles can complete any business relocation smoothly and efficiently.

Furniture Ordering

Poppin Great for: Custom branding, modern style, growing businesses

Poppin has emerged as the experts in office design and corporate culture. The furniture and everyday office products they manufacture themselves is affordable, vibrant, and top quality. Not to mention, they know how to create an inspiring office for your company.

Wayfair Great for: Selection, top quality, large businesses

Wayfair has a wide range of projects for whatever facility you need to outfit. Their stock includes a wide selection of brands which creates a more ‘Amazon’ style of marketplace shopping for your office.



Homepolish Great for: Startups, Small Budgets

With hundreds of commercial and startup clients nationally under their belt, Homepolish designers are skilled at creating inspiring, efficient and functional work spaces. They’re a perfect fit for working with startups as they can be hired by the hour and as a startup themselves, understand the need to move quickly and efficiently.

Laurel & Wolf Great for: Full projects, virtual work

Laurel & Wolf providers virtual interior design services all over the web.




Everglades Technologies Great for: All cable services, managed networks

With a different vendor for each area of technology you need to keep the business running smoothly, office technology can be a huge headache. Everglades Technologies manages all of your office technology from phone systems, internet network, to more.




Verizon Fios Great for: Large businesses, speed, reliability

Verizon Fios offers the fastest internet speeds in NYC. If you do most of your business online, it’s important to make sure you have the bandwidth to keep your business growing. While customer support is always a concern with these data conglomerates, Verizon consistently gets higher marks than their counterparts.



Vonage Great for: Small businesses, budget, call centers

A business VoIP provider, Vonage is reliable and cost-effective. Rich features and month to month payments make Vonage a nice fit for for smaller companies (<50 employees).

Security System


S2 Security Great for: Enterprise businesses

S2 is an independent manufacturer of physical security and video management systems. They provide access control, mobile security, and video systems all in a single system that is easy to manage. Their platform is extremely flexible and allows for 3rd partners like KISI keyless access to integrate directly into their platform.

Keri Systems Great for: Small businesses

Keri provides facility access security systems, specializing in smaller scale projects. They integrate access control with integrated system products like KISI keyless access and Ring doorbells.




Managed by Q Great for: Office operations, small to medium businesses

Referred to simply as Q, the all-in-one office maintenance service lets you easily manage cleaning schedules, restock supplies and order a handyman on demand. They mount an iPad in your office to make it simple to coordinate and send out their own team to handle your cleaning or maintenance job.


Maid Sailors Great for: Regular cleaning, move in/out cleaning

Maid Sailors provides regular and specialized cleaning services to businesses. During the time of the move, they can clean your old location as well as your new space so it’s ready to go on moving day.




Instacart Great for: Groceries, same day deliveries, small business

Instacart is perfect for last minute orders to stock the fridge. It’s different than most ordering services in that it matches you with a shopper who picks up your groceries from favorite local shops. Perfect for small teams with particular wants and needs who want to outsource locally.



Boxed Great for: Bulk ordering, large business

When you order through boxed, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to help with cost reporting and recurring orders. Great for all bulk items including toiletries, groceries, and other office necessities.

Moving Forward

When planning your move, these areas are important to consider for hiring vendors. In certain circumstances there will be different needs; you may need to move servers, destroy documents, and maybe even hire a local handyman. Searching for local providers on Google is always a good route to go, always be sure to consider reviews from past clients.

If you know any alternatives in these individual categories we encourage you to put them in the comments below. Our goal is to help your move be as smooth as possible!

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