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Entrepreneur Essentials (2)

[VIDEO] How Fast-Growing Teams Hire, Fire, and Manage

We partnered with Uncubed to bring you Entrepreneur Essentials, a 3-part series on the challenges ALL entrepreneurs face when starting a business:

1. How to pitch

2. Hiring and firing

3. Office space

PivotDesk CEO and Co-Founder, David Mandell has seen it all throughout his career as a serial startup founder and Techstars mentor. Through these lessons, his goal is to inform entrepreneurs based on his own past successes and failures.

Part 2 in the series focuses on two of the most difficult decisions a leader must make: when to hire and when to fire. 

The most important things to remember about hiring and firing, is that you do it to create a successful business.

And your people make or break your business, full stop.

No doubt — there’s a ton of pressure involved when you’re impacting someone’s career, and by default, their life. But there are ways to approach both decisions — hiring and firing — with dignity and preparation to make the experience as positive and productive as possible for both parties.

Join PivotDesk CEO, David Mandell, as he shares some of the strategies he uses for managing a dynamic team through good times and bad.

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