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[VIDEO] The Office Space Search: Everything You Need to Know

We partnered with Uncubed to bring you Entrepreneur Essentials, a 3-part series on the challenges ALL entrepreneurs face when starting a business:

1. How to pitch

2. Hiring and firing

3. Office space

PivotDesk CEO and Co-Founder, David Mandell has seen it all throughout his career as a serial startup founder and Techstars mentor. Through these lessons, his goal is to inform entrepreneurs based on his own past successes and failures.

Part 3 in the series focuses on a task most founders dread: Office space.

When growing companies graduate from their accelerator program or choose to leave  coworking in search of space of their own, they are quickly confronted with the harsh reality that leased office space is the second costliest expense they will face after head count.

Add to that the notoriously static nature of the commercial real estate industry, and the challenge grows even more daunting.

Between securing a trustworthy broker, finding space, negotiating a contract, completing buildout and moving, the process can take months. And when you’re taking your top people off their normal responsibilities to manage the task, you’re not just wasting time, you’re wasting precious human capital.

PivotDesk CEO, David Mandell, has been through the struggle of finding office space many times and he’s ready to share what he’s learned.

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