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What It’s Like to Manage Millennials…As a Millennial

There’s no shortage of content out there on what’s shaping up to be the year’s biggest buzzword: millennial.

Yet, when we opened up registration for our webinar, Designing your workplace: What you can learn from millennials, we were stunned at the response.

…We more than tripled our normal registration number in just a few hours.

Clearly, leaders are hungry for guidance when it comes to hiring and managing millennials.

As we ramp up for the live webinar co-hosted by TriNet on Tuesday, August 30th (it’s not too late to sign up!), we’re sharing a Q+A from webinar co-host, and VP of Sales and Marketing here at PivotDesk, Ginevra Figg.

As a seasoned leader and millennial herself, Ginevra has a unique perspective on what it takes to effectively hire, train and manage millennials. Plus — ways businesses can level up and accelerate growth with this knowledge.

Q: You consider yourself to be a millennial. Please tell us a little more about what it means to be a millennial.

Like most millennials, freedom and flexibility are huge for me. And I mean this on a few levels. First, in the work itself, I find that I dive deepest into businesses that allow me the opportunity to think independently and give me the trust to solve problems for the company and my team at rapid fire.

Second, in support of my personal life, I view my job and my life as one entity. I prefer not to segment them as I don’t connect with the idea that I “stop living” during working hours. Instead, my work is part of the passion that makes up my life. In order to live this way, I need the two not to combat each other.

So long as I have a leader and a team that trusts me, it’s not difficult for me to allow work and life to bleed into each other. In most cases, this actually means I’m working harder than I would if I was asked to draw a line between the two — and this approach allows me to do that without burning out.

Check out the rest of the interview over on the TriNet blog.

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