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You Gotta Be Kidding Me?! Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Office Sharing

As head of your own company, you have plenty of concerns. Developing your business requires attention to detail with an eye on the big picture. Deciding to find a space for operations is a big step, and can create some worries, especially if you listen to all of the opinions and cautionary tales out there. Depending on where you are in the life of your company, office sharing can be a fantastic alternative to a conventional commercial leasing arrangement. You might ask: is that really a smart way to conduct business? What about some of the negatives you hear about?

It’s easy to buy into popular ideas that have no real merit, but in many cases they vanish in a puff of smoke on closer inspection. If you’re considering office sharing but are concerned about some things you’ve heard, read on.

Our mission today is to show you some things that there is absolutely no reason to be concerned about by debunking 5 common myths about office sharing.

Myth #1: Culture clash is guaranteed

One common worry has to do with the term “office sharing.” People get the impression that they’ll be squeezed in with strangers and expected to share supplies and even use desks on a first-come, first-served basis. While that may occasionally happen in a coworking situation, it’s not an accurate picture for office sharing. While there will be people in the larger space working for a different firm, it is certainly not the case that you and your employees will have to deal with working alongside people whose aims and working style are not compatible your own.

With office sharing you can decide on the space configuration that works for you, so your company has the space it needs to create its own culture and climate. With office tours, you’ll also be able to ascertain up front the nature of the work already going on at the property, so you can make an acceptable match.

Myth #2: Privacy is impossible

As we mentioned above, office sharing gives you options with regard to the space. If privacy is a high priority, there are private office spaces and separate suites available. Our amazing space at Likable Media includes completely private offices and other options. You choose the features and space you need and can find it at an affordable price.

Myth #3: Quality space isn’t available for sharing

On the contrary! Many of the businesses offering shared space have simply entered into long-term leases in desirable, city center properties. They may find that they have more space than they currently need, since they are planning for growth.  They are willing to lease it on a month-to-month basis, at a price that’s a fraction of the cost of a commercial lease at the same address.

Some of our most popular hosts have included companies like AOL, Tough Mudder, Techstars and imgur.

Myth #4: Up-front costs are prohibitive

This can be true with a commercial lease, but office sharing is different. It’s much more affordable to rent shared space, even in the most high-end locations. Upfront costs for office sharing are generally confined to one month’s rental fee. In most cases there is no credit check or deposit required. Office sharing is set up to be a streamlined process that gets you in the right space without unnecessary delays, and the lower cost lets you invest your money in growing the business.

Myth #5: Finding office space takes months

Again, true in general, but false when it comes to office sharing.  In many locations (and NYC is a shining example), finding and securing office space in the conventional way can easily take 9 months. This can involve a tremendous amount of time and legwork on your part, or expense in working with a broker. With the online shared office approach, you can find an office in a matter of days…or, in some cases, hours. Most of the booking and details can be completed online, and clients of PivotDesk often move in after as little as 2 weeks –without the long-term commitment of a commercial lease.

So you can see that office sharing can reduce the headaches and worries that can come with finding a home for your business. There’s a reason the practice keeps growing. It works!


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