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PivotDesk Joins SquareFoot to Give Growing Businesses More Flexibility

Growing businesses looking for office space need one thing above all else — flexibility. That’s why PivotDesk and SquareFoot are teaming up, to give companies more options that fit their budget, moving timeline, and growth trajectory.

PivotDesk’s office sharing marketplace will continue to run independently, with the support and resources of SquareFoot, the country’s largest tech-enabled brokerage. SquareFoot will help hosts get their spaces filled quicker, and help guests and hosts find traditional leasing options when office sharing or coworking don’t make sense.

You can read the full press release here, or SquareFoot CEO Jonathan Wasserstrum’s summary of the acquisition and how it will make it easier for businesses to find the right office for their needs.

SquareFoot x PivotDesk Enables:

  1. SquareFoot to be the one-stop shop for all your office space needs — from your first desk to corporate HQ, our proprietary technology and team of brokers has you covered.

  2. Tenants to make money on space they don’t yet need — the ability to grow into a larger space minimizes the headache of continuously finding and moving into new offices. In addition to the marketplace platform, PivotDesk spaces can be shown to SquareFoot’s brokerage clients, meaning your available desks can get filled even faster.

  3. Businesses to choose from a variety of flexible office space options — this is also why we recently launched FLEX by SquareFoot, a product that lets businesses lease any space in NYC for 2-3 years instead of the traditional 5-10.


In the meantime, SquareFoot is looking to hire a GM (here’s the job description) to own growing the PivotDesk platform — if you or someone in your network seems like a great fit, give us a shout at


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